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TimeMate records your activity and enables you to add these tasks to your timesheet in TimeSite Pro. This app is perfect for legal staff, consultants, accountants, and managers. At the end of each week, you can submit an accurate timesheet accounting for your time for payroll, billing and management reporting purposes.

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Great Features

Timemate monitors your activity

TimeMate tracks your activity as you move from application to application and between different web pages in your browser. It lists these activities during the day giving you a complete and accurate picture of your work activity. It also records your idle time when you are away from your computer screen.

Analyse billable vs non-billable time

TimeMate enables you to keep track of time that is billable to your clients. Equally, it also enables you to track the time that you need to spend on non-billable time. Analysing your billable utilisation ratio is essential to get a clear picture of your efficiency.

Customize how you record time

TimeMate provides a variety of ways to customize the way that you can record your activity. For example, you can specify how long TimeMate waits before recording idle time, you can specify a minimum time that TimeMate should wait before recording application activity.

Instantly allocate time to a timesheet activity

When you have finished your screen activity, you can double-click and allocate this time to your client, project and task timesheet category. TimeMate records the start and end time of this activity enabling duration to be calculated.

TimeSite Pro

Integrated with TimeSite Pro

TimeMate integrates directly to your TimeSite Pro account enabling you to categorise your activities using your TimeSite Pro client, project and task information. As you do this, TimeMate updates your TimeSite Pro account with this new timesheet record.


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